Unwrapping your present and exchanging a first glance with "your" doll is an unforgettable memory, a treasure that we relive with the same wonder, later, with our own children.

The Corolle dolls, which can be recognized among a thousand with their pretty faces and their delicate scent of vanilla, are all beautiful formed and well dressed.
Their secret? In Langeais, in the heart of Touraine, Corolle, like a fashion house, has a style office in which 5 people imagine, design and passionately select models, fabrics and materials. They make the eyes of young and old shine every year, with a collection always in tune with the times. It is then in Asia that the comforters, babies, dolls, clothes and accessories are manufactured in accordance with European and American standards.

Every year since 1979, the good fairies of Corolle have deployed a wealth of ingenuity to offer cuddly toys, babies, dolls, clothes and accessories adapted to the age of each child. Thus, they can assimilate and imitate their daily life, dream and play while giving free rein to their imagination.
Thousands of games, endlessly dressed and re-dressed dolls, infants fed, jostled, changed, cuddly, pampered, chewed soft toys and bursts of laughter… that's all the magic of Corolle!