SES My first - Dough animals

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Make your own zoo with different animals made of dough! Choose one of the three colours of dough to make the body of the animal. How about a lion? Find the lion's head among the foam pieces supplied and place it on the body. Rawrrrr, watch out, there's a lion on the prowl! Make the other five animals from dough and complete your zoo. The foam pieces can also be used for cutting out shapes.


  • Very soft;
  • Does not dry out while playing.;
  • Easy to wash out of fabrics;
  • Beautiful, bright dough;
  • Gluten free;
  • Safe to use; the dough is extremely salty so children will not eat it;
  • Always a great result with the animal heads;
  • Foam can also be used for cutting out shapes


  • 6 foam animal heads;
  • Yellow dough;
  • Red dough;
  • Blue dough
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