BIG Power Worker Maxi Crane

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The popular BIG Power Workers are getting reinforcements! The new, powerful vehicle in the strong MAXI format is the ideal supplement for small play construction sites, where from now on building materials can not only be shoveled out of the way and dredged, but also easily lifted.
The essential feature of the BIG Power Worker Maxi Crane is the extremely strong cable winch, with which objects with a pulling force of up to 450g can be pulled up without any problems. The cable winch is part of the easy-to-use crane arm, which can be folded in and out and rotated 360° around its own axis. The anti-tippers at the front and rear ensure the necessary safety at the workplace.
With the two handles on the driver's cab, a comfortable driving style can be guaranteed and the strength of the hard-working construction workers can be saved. The smooth-running metal axles and the high-quality tires made of soft, non-marking plastic also guarantee the best driving characteristics.
The BIG Power Worker Maxi crane is ideal for small construction sites on the playground, in the garden and in the children's room. can we do this? Yes, we can do it!
The BIG Power Worker Maxi Crane is manufactured in the modern BIG factory in Germany and has been tested for maximum safety. From the manufacturer of the BIG Bobby Car - BIG strong! For children from 3-7 years.

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