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With the Versmarkt you can create your own organic shop!
Many play areas make up this trader so you can immerse yourself in the shoes of a real salesperson!

In addition to the fruit/vegetable corner and the cash register, you can weigh your vegetables with pleasure thanks to the mechanical scale: the weight displayed adapts to the weighed food!
You will love the bulk food dispenser just as much. You can fill it with nuts, seeds or small paste and use the dial to drop them into jars.

The cash register has 1 cash drawer, 1 dummy microphone and 1 bank card reader.

Many accessories are included to enhance the game features: 4 dummy boxes, 6 fruits and vegetables, 2 yogurt pots, 2 cans, 2 jars, 1 electronic barcode reader with sound and light, 1 bank card, 4 cash register cards, 9 coins, 12 bills and 1 basket.

From 3 years. French made.

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