Tuban PVA glue - clear - 5 liters

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PVA glue, very suitable for gluing paper and cardboard, or making slime. Our glue is made in Poland. It has been tested and has all the necessary safety certificates.

You can also make your slime with PVA glue. Tuban glue works best with the Tuban activator (100ml glue per 50ml activator).
Slime is an excellent base for further slime experiments. You can decorate it with glitter, Styrofoam balls or colorful stones.

How do you make slime?
1. Pour the PVA glue into the bowl/container.
2. Slowly add the activator. Stir the slime until it begins to separate from the walls of the container.
3. Make slime to get the perfect consistency. If it still sticks to your hands, add a little more activator.
4. Your slime is ready!
5. Remember that Slime keeps its properties longer and does not dry out if you put it in a sealed container.


  • Our products are safe for children.
  • Our production is located in Poland
  • Age recommendation: 6+
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