Tuban Slime Activator 5 liter

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The activator is one of two basic components you will need to create Slime. If you add it to the PVA glue and mix it throuhly, you will get a extensible plastic mass.
Tuban slime activator was made in Poland from tested and certified components.It does not contain toxic borax or lens fluid, so children can use it.

How to make Slime using the TUBAN activator?
1. Depending on how big Slime you want to make, pour the righ amount
of PVA glue into the bowl/container (e.g. 200 ml).
2. Slowly add the activator to the glue (half the amount of glue you poured into the bowl,
so if you have 200ml of glue, you should add 100 ml of activator).
3. Stir the ingredients until the mass starts to separate from the container walls.
4.Slime will keep its properties for a longer time and will not dry out, if you put it in a locked container.

For safety, we encourage you to put on a protective apron and gloves.


  • Our products are safe for children.
  • They do not contain borax or any toxic substances!
  • Made in Poland.
  • Age recomendation: 6+
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