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Temporarily no shipments outside the EU / EEA possible.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, air traffic has largely come to a standstill and various authorities have amended shipping conditions.
As a result, we see many restrictions in international transport and the rates are much higher.
That is why, unfortunately, we had to temporarily decide to stop offering shipments outside the EU / EEA. As soon as the situation normalizes again, international shipping options will be added again.

Dutch transltion:

Door de Covid-19 uitbraak is het vliegverkeer voor een groot deel stil komen vallen en hebben diverse autoriteiten voorwaarden voor verzending aangepast.
Hierdoor zien we veel beperkingen in het internationale transport en worden de tarieven vele malen hoger.
Daarom hebben we helaas tijdelijk moeten besluiten zendingen buiten de EU / EER niet meer aan te bieden. Zodra de situatie hierin weer normaliseert, worden er weer internationale verzendmogelijkheden toegevoegd.



  1. Tom Engelen Tom Engelen

    Dear Sir,

    We're sorry we arn't able to send to Italy, however if you tell us which Go Karts you would like to have we can make a quotation for you.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Nabil Tagaz Nabil Tagaz

    Dear Sir,
    Because there is no shipping outside the European Union, is it possible to ship to Genoa, in northern Italy? if possible, I would like to buy two BERG Go Kart XL.
    Also please send me the dimensions of the box that contains the Berg Go Kart XL.
    Best Regards

  3. David Greig David Greig

    I have been dealing directly with COBI in Poland lately, and am willing and able to pay higher shipping costs (45 euros for a 2KG package). I would much rather place any future orders for COBI construction sets via Altoys - as your pricing is good, as well as product availability. I'm not necessarily looking for you to make any exceptions for me, but if you would be willing to inform me as to when you will be offering shipments outside EU - it would be greatly appreciated!

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