BIG Premium Push Pole for Bobby car

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With the BIG Premium push bar, adults can support the driving pleasure of the little ones and steer them in the right direction if necessary.

A short push on the handle is enough and the course of the little racer can be safely determined or corrected. With the supplied adapter, the handlebars can be locked so that only the push bar can be steered. What sets the BIG Premium push bar apart from the other push bars in the range is the flip-up side protection that keeps little racers in place. Even if the small passenger is just comfortably pushed and dozes off behind the wheel or loses his balance, the side protection prevents a fall and thus provides even more safety. This means that even longer distances, such as the trip to the daycare, can be covered super relaxed and safe.
If the side protection is not needed, it can simply be folded up and attached to the push bar. In addition to practical functions, the BIG Premium push bar also has playful properties. Shifters and keys on the sides provide additional playing options.

The integrated backrest offers the children extra support and the new ergonomic handle also allows two-handed operation. This makes driving not only easier for the little ones, but also more comfortable for the adults.

The user-friendly telescopic handle is adjustable in 4 different heights (from 88 cm - 107.5 cm) and can be put in the transport position for space-saving transport. Assembly is very easy with a coupling pin already attached to the push bar.

The BIG premium push bar fits all BIG Bobby Car models, the BIG Bobby Car Classic, the NEXT and the Neo.

  • Item assembled size (L x W x H): 24.5 x 19 x 90.5 cm
  • Item weight: 1800g
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