BIG Shoe Care red

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Kids shoes take a real bashing, especially when the wearer is racing around on toy vehicles, braking hard and flying around corners, etc. on hard surfaces. Well now it is time for full speed ahead. Thanks to the BIG Shoe Care, parents can breathe a huge sigh of relief, and budding racing drivers can focus fully on getting the best out of their vehicles. The BIG shoe protectors offer the toes of kids shoes adequate protection from scuffs and marks. The shoe protectors are made of a soft plastic material and the integrated fasteners ensure they can be adapted easily to suit the size of the shoes. The protectors are suitable for all standard kids shoe sizes from 21 – 27 (UK size 4.5 – 9). The anti-slip tread on the sole of the shoe protector ensures excellent grip when riding and walking. And the high-grade plastic material does not leave marks on floors. features BIG shoe protectors red: Reliable protection for kids shoes Made of flexible plastic material Easy to fix Non-slip-profile Non-marking Suitable for all standard kids shoe sizes from 21 - 27 (UK size 4.5 - 9) Available colors: black, blue, red and pink
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