Tradition and innovation since 1898

For mor than 120 years, FERBEDO, established by German engineer Ferdinand Bethauser, has been designing and producing toy vehicles. Whether it is a Go-Carts, a ride-on, a foot-to-floor car or a carver, children always take centre stage in our work. We aim to respond to their needs and aspirations, and to give them joy and the love for activity with our products.

Children need action: FERBEDO vehicles provide them with varied fun in combination with the development of their motor skills. They are a source of inspiration for healthy physical development, for agility and endurance, for self-confidence and for positive physical awareness.

Quality with smart ideas, creativity and flexibility: the inventive, pioneering spirt of Ferdinand Bethauser is both our commitment and motivation. Passion for the product, a love for technical details, high standards of quality and an unmistakable  design - these are the standards by which we want to be measured by our customers.