About Feuchtmann

We live in a world of abundance. And the technology. But what do children really need to be happy?

Love ... sure. Safety, healthy food, lots of sleep ... logical. The tenth blinking noisy toy ... definitely not. In our experience, little people especially appreciate the little things: meaningful activity, individual experience, and time spent together.

Toys for a creative start to a successful professional life

Without imagination, there would be no light for people at night, there would be no internet, and the Earth would still be flat. Feuchtmann toys are of course not responsible for every groundbreaking achievement - finger paint, clay, mosaic stones and chalk always guarantee an imaginative start in life.

As a child you lay the foundation for how creative and thus successful your child can be in his later professional life. Intrepid doctors as well as stormy architects need different stimuli from the start. Different colors, scents and shapes add to the wealth of experience and ensure an open mind and a smart head.

Good toys ...
... leave room for discovery
... children learn (colors, shapes and more)
... promote motor skills and enjoyment in artistic design
... stimulate your child's imagination
... are safe, versatile and durable
... grows with you, matches the age of the child

This is what we stand for │ Toys from German brand production
The Feuchtmann company has always produced creativity-enhancing and imaginative toys.

Today, our high-quality, food-compliant modeling clay and finger paint, colorful mosaic bricks and colored pencils make countless children's eyes shine - and the hearts of concerned parents start to beat faster.