Déko-Play trapeze with solid plastic gymnastic rings blue

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Déko-Play trapeze with solid plastic gymnastic triangle rings blue with PH robes. Suspension height 2.5 meters. Trapeze of ash wood treated with flaxseed oil. This tough, strong and elastic wood is very suitable for trapezes. In order to extend the sustainability child-friendly, we let this wood be treated with flaxseed oil. Our swings are standard equipped with special PH ropes that are softer for the hands of your child and feel less slippery giving a better grip. Moreover, these ropes are extremely durable, and have a natural appearance. The rope length can be adjusted and is intended for upper beams up to 250 cm above the ground. The adjustment links are at the top, this prevents the risk of crushing hands and clothing. With the adjustable links you can adjust the ropes to 1.33 m. There are also metal hanging rings at the top (swing hooks are not included).
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