Iron on beads - FunPins glitter animals

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You can make your iron-on bead figures even more fun with FunPins! You can stick glitter stickers on the pins and insert them into the figures. By taking them out again and exchanging them for others, your figures will always look different. A tail as a mouth? Eyes on the feet? A cat with a unicorn horn? What crazy combinations can you make?

  • Does not contain PVC;
  • Good quality;
  • Bright colours;
  • Great for motor skill development;
  • FunPins are reusable and compatible with other iron-on beads;


  • Iron-on-beads square pegboard;
  • Bag with 2100 iron-on-beads;
  • 24 FunPins;
  • Ironing paper;
  • Glitter stickers;
  • Instructions;
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