SES My first - Mosaic with shapes

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Endless mosaicking fun! This set contains a soft mosaic board on which the eight templates supplied can be placed. Choose a template that you want to mosaic with, for example, the one with the cute animal or the cool car. Finish the picture by putting the strong mosaic pieces on the right spots. Got it? You can mosaic to your heart's content, because the cards and shapes are re-usable. This activity stimulates fine hand-eye coordination and shape recognition.


  • Large, soft mosaic board;
  • Strong mosaic pieces in three colours;
  • Sensory;
  • Funny stickers for eyes and wheels;
  • Templates for mosaicking with eight designs;
  • Re-usable;


  • Mosaic board;
  • 8 mosaic templates on 4 double-sided cards;
  • 5 red mosaic pieces;
  • 5 blue mosaic pieces;
  • 5 yellow mosaic pieces;
  • Sticker sheet
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