Tuban - Slime dye - 35ml - red

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Our dyes are suitable for dyeing plastic masses and Slimes.
They come in three basic colors (each of them is sold separately):
- yellow;
- blue;
- red.

Dyes are in 35ml bottles. Their convenient application ensures that children do not get dirty while using it.
Dyes have intense colors. You need to add them gradually until the mass gets the color you want.

3 colours – 6 different possibilities (i.e. how to get derived from the basic colour):
- if you want to get orange – add yellow to red;
- if you want to get purple – add red to blue;
- if you want to get green – add yellow to blue.

For safety wear a protective apron and gloves.


  • Our products are safe for children.
  • It does not contain any toxic substances!
  • Made in Poland.
  • Age: 6+
  • Dimensions: 4,5 × 8,5 × 2,5 cm
  • Capacity: 35 ml
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