Tuban - Tubi Jelly set Planets 3D

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Tubi Jelly make your own 3D planets with gel consistency. Large bottles of gel liquid in various colors and activator and let your creativity loose.
This set includes a small aquarium to hold your Jelly's and gel fluids in 5 different colors

The set contains:

  • gel liquid 150 ml in 5 colors
  • 5 × 5 g activator
  • water crystals
  • 2 sizes of measuring spoons
  • a bowl for preparing figures
  • small aquarium

How to play?

  1. Fill the aquarium with warm water, pour the granules with water crystals into the water. Growing the crystals can take about 2 hours on average. In that time you can start making the planets.
  2. Make the activator by pouring 400 ml of water into the container and dissolving 1 packet of activator mix (5 grams) in it. Stir until the granules are completely dissolved.
  3. Use 1 of the 2 measuring spoons to scoop up a small amount of activator solution, about 1/5 of the measuring spoon's content.
  4. now add gel liquid to the measuring spoon with activator liquid. colors of your choice to create the planets.
  5. now fill the measuring spoon up to the brim with activator liquid. it is important that all gel fluid is under the activator fluid
  6. Wait a few minutes, then gently move the measuring cup back and forth. After a while you will see the gel liquid in the measuring cup slowly take on a round shape.
  7. Place the planet in the container with activator liquid for at least 30 minutes to develop good firmness.
  8. Rinse the planet with water under the tap and place it in the aquarium filled with water crystals.
  9. The universe is made up of many planets, so create the next one to create your own cosmos


  • Our products are safe for children.
  • It contains no toxic substances!
  • Made in Poland.
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