Tuban - Tubi Jelly Unicorns Dinner set

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We present a real novelty among the creative Slime sets. Have you ever wondered what to feed your Unicorn with? Unicorns like colorful neon noodles and peas the most.
You can now make this unicorn food yourself with this craft set!

If the unicorn has enough, you can also make other figures with this creative set.

Unicorn dinner consists of:

  • 3 bottles of gel of 100 ml (purple, pink and green);
  • activator;
  • spatula for mixing activator and removing colorful paste.

How to play?

  1. Fill the jug from the set with lukewarm tap water.
  2. Pour the activator powder into water and mix thoroughly until completely dissolved.
  3. Slowly pour the contents of the colored bottles into the prepared solution. For example, threads – pasta for Unicorn – are made in the pot. Take them out and feed your pet.
  4. If the Unicorn is still hungry, you can prepare colored peas for him. In this case with small drops, pour the gel from the vials into the activator.
    Remove the peas to a plate for the unicorn.

Have fun!

For safety, we recommend that you put on a protective apron and gloves


  • Our products are safe for children.
  • They contain no borax or toxins!
  • Made in Poland.
  • Unicorn is not included.
  • Age recommendation: 3+
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